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#Name of ProductEditionTally Software ServiceTaxesAmount (INR)
Single User for Single Computer
Silver1 Year18% GST Extra18,000.00
Multi User on Single LAN
Gold1 Year18% GST Extra54,000.00
Auditor Edition
Auditor1 Year18% GST Extra10,800.00
4Tally.Server9Gold1 Year18% GST Extra2,70.000.00
#Name of ProductEditionTally Software ServiceTaxesAmount (INR)
5Tally 7.2 / 6.3 Silver to Tally.ERP9 SilverN.A.1 Year18% GST Extra7,200.00
6Tally 7.2 / 6.3 Gold to Tally.ERP9 GoldN.A.1 Year18% GST Extra21,600.00
7Tally 7.2 / 6.3 Silver to Tally.ERP9 GoldN.A.1 Year18% GST Extra43,200.00
8Tally.ERP9 Silver to Tally.ERP9 GoldN.A.1 Year18% GST Extra36,000.00
#Name of ProductEditionTally Software ServiceTaxesAmount (INR)
9Tally Software Service – Tally.ERP9Silver1 Year18% GST Extra3,600.00
10Tally Software Service – Tally.ERP9Gold1 Year18% GST Extra10,800.00
11Tally Software Service – Tally.ERP9Auditor1 Year18% GST Extra5,400.00
12Tally Software Service – Tally.Server9Gold1 Year18% GST Extra54,000.00